Benefits of Concrete Repair with Spray Foam

If you’ve got cracked, settling concrete, you’ve likely read articles on a few different repair methods. Knowing the benefits of concrete repair with spray foam can help you understand why this is the best repair option on the market today.

Benefits of Concrete Repair with Spray Foam

Benefit 1: More Cost-Effective than Replacing Concrete

The national average for concrete installation sits at about $3,000, or roughly $6 per square foot. This cost doesn’t include the extra costs for removing the concrete either. Instead of completely replacing your settling concrete, in most cases, you have the option to repair it. With our concrete repair system, we’re able to target specific areas or slabs that makes it easier, and more cost-effective than replacing concrete.

Benefit 2: Polyurethane Foam Adds Structural Stability without Adding Immense Weight to Over-loaded Soil

To lift and level concrete, we use a repair method known as polyjacking. Polyjacking is the process of lifting and leveling concrete by injecting high-density polyurethane foam beneath concrete flatwork. We use a state-of-the-art concrete repair system known as Polypier. Polypier is an engineered polyurethane foam, designed to raise and level settling concrete. Yet, unlike mudjacking, polyjacking doesn’t add immense weight to already compromised soil. Instead, the  material we use for repairs chemically reacts with the soil as it expands, compacting and consolidating nearby materials for improved stability. 

Benefit 3: Faster Process with Long-Lasting Results

In most cases, concrete repairs are done within a single day. The curing time for polyjacking is much quicker than concrete. You’ll be able to drive or walk on your concrete almost immediately. The material we use for concrete repairs creates lasting results without the hassle.

In a previous post we touched on a few problems you’ll likely run into when replacing concrete. If you want to learn more about your options, we suggest reading that post so you can make an informed, educated decision for your situation. Ready to repair your concrete after reading all of the benefits? Contact Us today for a free estimate!


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