3 Benefits of Insulating Your Crawlspace

Does your home have a crawlspace? Are your floors constantly cold? You might want to consider insulating your crawlspace with spray foam! Read on to learn more about the benefits of insulating your crawlspace.

Deaden sound with foam insulation.

One benefit of insulating your crawlspace is that it will help deaden sound. When you walk across the floor, do you notice that your footsteps echo, or any squeaks and creaks seem to be amplified? Rooms above crawlspaces tend to be rather loud due to the open, uninsulated space beneath the floors.
benefits of insulating your crawlspace

Insulating your crawlspace eliminates air drafts.

As the ground cools, you may begin to notice your floors getting cold as well. Our spray foam insulation products have the ability to fill any gaps and cracks in your home. By sealing any gaps and cracks found throughout your home, you can essentially eliminate annoying drafts that come from your crawlspace. You will likely notice that your floors stay a bit warmer too.

Another one of the benefits of insulating your crawlspace is that it helps lower energy bills.

By insulating your crawlspace with spray foam, you can save on costs for heating and cooling your home. When this type of insulation is sprayed onto the surface, it expands as it is sprayed and fills in any cracks, gaps, and crevices along the way. Because you’re getting rid of pesky air drafts and any areas that heat or cool air can escape, your heating and cooling systems can run much more efficiently.

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