Commercial Spray Foam

Spray Foam provides a solution for many types of businesses and industries.

Homeowners have easily taken to spray foam as a solution for insulating their homes. Foam All Spray Foam is the area leader in residential and commercial spray foam. We’ve found numerous applications for open and closed cell spray foam for commercial businesses, municipalities, and industrial settings including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Factories
  • Post Frame and Pole Buildings
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Municipal Buildings

Benefits of Open Cell Spray Foam for Commercial Properties

Spray foam for commercial buildings

Open foam spray foam is full of cells that aren’t totally encapsulated. This means that they are left open on purpose. Because of these, the foam is more flexible and softer. It is less dense than closed cell spray foam. Open foam has an R-value of around 3.5 per inch and while this is lower than closed cell spray foam, open foam offers great expansion so it can usually be applied in one coat. Therefore it is considered the faster, more flexible solution. 

Benefits of Closed Cell Spray Foam for Commercial Properties

Closed-cell spray foam is denser and has a higher R-value of around 6.0 per inch. This makes it better at keeping the heat in our out. It may take more than one coat to apply. It is a more robust choice when insulating a space with the R-value being almost twice that open-cell spray foam. Because the cells are closed it can also act as a vapor barrier to water and moisture and help keep water out of a structure.

Both options have benefits over traditional insulation solutions such as:

  • More Efficient
  • Acts as Air Barrier
  • Higher R-values
  • Easier to Install
  • Cost-effective in the Long Term
  • Fills in Small Spaces

To learn more or get a quote for your business, give us a call today. See if spray foam is the insulation solution for you.

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