Shipping Container Homes: A Growing Trend

You’ll notice on the homepage of our website one of the “Other” category items for our spray foam services is shipping containers. Of course, we mean insulating shipping containers for actual shipment. But we are also able to support the growing trend of shipping containers being used for homes. Seems crazy but if you’ve seen some of the designs and uses for shipping containers you might be as blown away as we are. (Pun totally intended – spray foam – blown – yep, we wet there!)

The benefits of shipping container housing:

shipping container homes: a new trend in housing

  1. Affordable: You can have a fully customized home on a budget.
  2. Eco-friendly: Typically construction methods to build shipping container homes are much “greener” and our spray foam solutions can take this to the next level.
  3. Structurally sound: A shipping container is a strong structure that can withstand the elements.
  4. Low maintenance: Because of the materials used and the sturdiness of the structure they tend to require little to no maintenance over time.
  5. Smaller footprint: You can take up less space. More and more people are trying to use less and less to live. This fits that lifestyle perfectly.
  6. Great for second homes: You can find a beautiful spot on a lake and build a container home as a great second living space without breaking the bank.

These are just a few great reasons to look at shipping container living. If this is a trend you are considering, the next thing to consider is insulation. Contact us to talk about your options. Shipping containers are already small spaces, so we’ll work with you to make a plan.

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